Business Areas:

IT , Management Services

Advance Vehicle Location System

Lucille Maud Corporation partnered with Orbital Sciences Corporation to install the AVLC

(Advance Vehicle Location Center) project for the New York MTA, responsible for the

monitoring center hardware, software, system integration of voice, data, and video, Unix

monitoring stations transmitter/receiver vehicle ID and location information, and all

modifications of hardware and software.

Cabling/Network Wiring Lucille Maud Corporation provides facility-cabling services for

voice, data, & video. We completed a major job adjacent to the site of MetLife Stadium at

the former Giants Stadium in Rutherford, NJ, which was home to the Giants until

December 2009. We installed voice and data cabling as well as a computer controlled

sound system. Provided computers to run this specialized software, and managed the

installation of this network, which included fiber optic controls between two amplifier rooms.

All cabling met NEC specifications and safety requirements. LMC trained all equipment

facility operators

Internet Services

Lucille Maud Corporation is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) currently providing Internet

Access, Web design/development, Web hosting and co-location. We currently provide

customers with Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12 and OC48. LMC also provides

Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), and Virtual Server (VS) networks.

Online Electronic Data Vaulting & Recovery Services

Systems Integration

Lucille Maud Corporation was responsible for various systems integration projects. The

Sun National Bank Center, formerly known as Sovereign Bank Arena, a $53-million;

10,500-seat arena in Trenton, NJ is one such project. Services included providing

data/telephony/internet /email /fax through one integrated network. All services

provided on LMC built/supplied hardware.



Lucille Maud Corporation fabricates complex cable assemblies, electronic circuit

boards, PC compatible computers, notebooks, desktops, & servers to customer


Lucille Maud Corporation manufactures computers that are used in Fortune 100 Companies

to Small Business.